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2019-10-31 20:00

Well 3D Models have 3 major Problems #1 the "death eye" issue, the human eye is moving alot, it is blinking every 3 seconds and is never idle. you can try it out, if you stare without moving or blinking your eyes starts to hurt, our eyes move alot because we need to keep them wet. Means real eyes looks wet but 3D eyes doesnt, 3D eyes are just Idle and dry #2 3D Models are not breathing, even if the motion is good it still looks kind of death corpses moving. if you want to make them appear more alive you gotta make them breath continuously and visible. #3 Color depth. 3D Models are displayed on a screen. Screens have a "sRGB" color spectre with a limited range. Thereforce 3D pictures looks kind of reduced, it doesnt go deep into nunaces but rather appear in "neon" style. so even if you add realistic lightning and for example ray tracing it will still lack in color depth and nuances, also the main colors Cyan, Magenta and Yellow will allways overpower the other, more natural and subtile colors and creat that popular "neon" effect, its not VIP its an actual issue -.-

so its indeed a challenge to make 3D looks realistic, good luck :)

2019-11-17 05:10

I personally would love to see more fart fetish videos which are extremely rare because making them means playing with sound, counting the frames to fit the sounds perfectly into the audio and maybe even animating the vibration of the buttcheeks. I've been thinking about trying to make one experimental vid including this fetish but I'm yet stopped by two facts - I'm afraid that most people will find it disgusting, charactrer ruining and inapropriate, and second - I don't think I'm ready to experiment with the audio the way I described.

2019-11-17 19:08

Some people would love to see good farting videos also peeing,shitting on people and fucking while on period and while on toilet. Fucking while farting too. fart fetish videos can be artistic to some people if done right. Different strokes for different Folks. :) O_O Only thing I kinda get sick is baby's getting fucked in MMD Videos.

2019-11-19 10:58

Corruption and bad ends, with some fucking and actual expressions on the face not just a blank stare
So like my kink is dark stories? idk

2019-11-22 17:55

I adore small, EXTREMELY bouncy tits. Stuff like the videos from users meme432, koekoe, and crepe. There was also one video from ayus02 that was like, holy grail for me. But it was out of place for his videos, plus his videos appear unlisted now. Yapi is amazing quality, but they could be a lot bouncier -u- If anyone knows more, please let me know! <3

2019-11-23 07:43

Defloration MMD videos are few and far between, and even more rarely done well. Apart from that, I like scenarios wherein someone is tricked (ie-going for an audition, and things get progressively more uncomfortable as the girl figures out things aren't what they seem..etc.) Unique objects being used to force orgasms (non-consensually...) rather than just boring forced sex. I also wish there were more videos where someone was using a vibrator on someone else, and they just randomly jammed that whole thing in there. I'm not worried about the logistics of it, these are 3D videos not real life! :P I enjoy gentlemen hand videos where the girls are clearly not into what's happening, I suppose there are a decent number of them, but there will never be enough.

2019-12-13 13:59

Not really a fetish, but I do like seeing girls, alone, or with other girls wearing nothing but sneakers. Or a hoodie and sneakers. I don't know why, but this is kind of hard to find examples that don't end up in full blow hentai. Not that there's a problem with that, but I instantly lose interest in an example of this if a guy shows up, or is present.

I kind of just prefer them in a pose with a smug, knowing, expression. Kind of like with their head resting on their knees. Or Yuri, because everything is good with Yuri.

2020-01-20 18:32

Those videos where the frame is an x-ray or the other way around where the frame acts as a blurry glass.

I've seen some videos of it in hot or randomly stumbling on it, but it is rare now to see such videos on new.

2020-01-24 07:37

I like ryona (not gore with all of those demembration things, just hurting or kill)
And Hetero

2020-01-27 04:54

I can relate strongly with the sentiment about taking matters into your own hands when nobody else is making content that interests you.

While I miss time stop videos in general, I especially miss the ones where the time stops are done in short but frequent bursts, starting with really simple things, gradually increasing in intensity, and waiting a while before actually having sex, saving that for a point after the victim realizes what's going on. Doing it that way allows for way more embarrassed/surprised/reluctant reactions, which is where the real sexiness comes from. It's especially fun to see the time stops run back in real time after a while without even showing the viewer what was done so even they have to guess what was done.

And going a bit further, I think I can sum up my biggest interest as non-consent/reluctance with supernatural or otherwise overpowering elements. That ero-regulatory-sign thing that sometimes shows up is a good example of this, especially when its effects are enforced supernaturally. Other ideas I can think of while brainstorming, just to give the idea: Magic wind created specifically to blow up skirts. Breast expansion that breaks the target's clothes or makes them heavy enough to make it difficult to move comfortably. Body control which leaves her consciousness intact but works her body like a puppet.

Perfect example from an anime I always fondly remember was in Heaven's Lost Property where the protagonist subconsciously cast a spell on his childhood friend that not only magically forced her panties off her body, but continuously prevented anything else from covering her either. As if that wasn't perfect enough, he then ends up cuffing her hands behind her back with magic, indestructible handcuffs, which the show even acknowledges would prevent her from holding her skirt down if a gust of wind hit her.

2020-01-27 23:47

Yea, my fetish is almost non-existant in mmd.
So I am probably one of the first person to do it on MMD on a regular basis, even tho I make only poses for now, because animations are waaay harder to do.
I like an specific branch of Lift and Carry. To make it brief, I like when a guy makes a girl carry him, and there are many ways this can be done. Over her shoulders, riding her back, the so famous "princess carry" and so on.

Its weird cuz most people who have this fetish like the girl to be the dominant one, but on my case I mostly still want the guy to do it. While many people like to see a woman overpowering the traditionally stronger man, I do like the girl just obeying the guy even if it is hard for her :)

Btw, for the comment just before me, (the one by Tray Mendis), I found the stuff u mentioned extremely original, and I think I will even use them for some of my content on the future.

2020-02-10 11:07

So rare to find...
Fertilization/Impregnation and Condom Broken/Removed

2020-02-11 19:13

Yes! I want to see more fantasy-themed, interspecies stuff, like where the girl is human and surrounded by big orcs or other monsters <3

2020-03-31 07:58

I like videos that show the camera going INSIDE the Vagina. It may be weird, but I like seeing how the motions of the vagina affect the woman, as well as seeing the cervix. But that's just me.

2020-04-15 11:50

Oh, I'm a little bit suprised no one mentioned fisting yet, welp that's my thing, as well as vaginal prolapse... Just wished there were more of this

2020-04-15 19:22

i realized my fetish is not about action, its not about a sexual practise or a certain roleplay/mindgame. Its not about prostitution, bukkake, hardcore sex, bestiality, deep penetration, destroyed and ravenged pussies and gapeface/ahegao. Thats all nice and good and helps to show how perverted she is. But I am a character design fetishist and a graphic whore i like to worship and idolize certain girls/models and characters. When they show off their perverted personalities/attitudes and sexy body attributes thats all good for me as long im aware shes a first class super model :3

I hope the hype about Miku will never end. Im also into Amatsukaze, Shimakaze and Alice the Gate Opener as my all times favorites and top tier super idols :3

my worst experience with MMD is this; I am most dissapointed that Louise from Zero no Tsukaima didnt make her way into the MMD scene. And Minase Iori being similar to Louise, even with the voice of seiyuu goddess rie kugimiya still can not cure my broken heart :I I made a Louise Model in koikatsu Party, but thats not quiet the same :0

2020-06-04 01:43

Anal in general seems to be uncommon, or maybe i'm not searching properly.

2020-06-04 19:30


2020-07-03 05:53

I don´t know it can be considered as a fetish but I would like to see videos were the girl randomly gets really horny.

A reference could be that scene form bible black were Yukiko is in her anatomy class but she is felling so horny that she goes to the bathrooms to masturbate.

Another example could be that lets say Miku is just walking thru the mall and suddenly she remembers something or just gets wet because she haven´t masturbate in a while and she goes to the restrooms to fulfill her needs 7w7, that kind of plot

She is just doing her every day stuff and then she fells the need to touch herself and she does haha.

Is it understandable ? Do you relate with this ?

I think i haven't see any videos like that in here.

2020-07-03 06:00

Also girls with small tits like Rin playing with them or trying to give you a boobjob with their small tits that something that I found so lovely for some reason

2021-03-20 00:55

It's surprisingly hard to find slime/xray sex, where you can either see the dick going through her body and stuff, or the reverse, where the dick is transparent and you can see all the way in. (Autumnjelly does a good one)

Also, major size differences, as in like tiny fairy "live onna holes" (Autumnjelly does a good one) or the reverse where there's a bunch of small dudes (but NOT shoota) banging a large woman Gulliver's island-style (Lewd-oreo does some hot ones but that's not even as big of a size difference as it could be)

AND!!! Wallfuck! People stuck in the wall and getting banged from either or both sides, I don't see often, Akomni's Raspberry Monster is a good example

2021-03-25 04:01

Covid patients being f***ed by the vaccine

2021-03-30 01:51

My personal fetish is futa milking automatic milking machines and milking farm. This is especially true in the year of the bull)

2021-04-01 20:54

How about wet and messy fetishism? Videos like that are rare. My favourite under the WAM category is definitely mud!

2021-04-13 22:47

Gynoids (fembots) that and squids I guess

2021-05-04 21:07

high quality pee videos!!!! when u search for pee they are hard low budged like!

2021-05-04 21:08

FURRY & MONSTER GIRLS like in the game "Monster Girl Island" or the Anime "Monster Musume" etc would love that a lot!!!