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#1 2021-06-08 11:13

Anyone else getting extremely long / frustrating load times?

Hi all,

I'm just wondering if anyone else are getting super long load times when just navigating the website. Loading a page or clicking on a video can take 30 seconds up to a minute or two, with the occasional 502 bad gateway error. Logging into this account can easily take up to 5 minutes from the start. Loading videos has gotten really bad, loading anything in Source quality is just wishful thinking, 540p if you're lucky, and 360p mostly works, but sometimes even that has trouble.

A week or two ago, I noticed that iwara went down for about a day, and you'd get the 502 bad gateway error when trying to connect. So that's roughly when it all began.

I've been around for about a year now, and the site has had it's share of slow loading pages, but it's never been this bad. I live in the west coast USA, with pretty good internet, and I've done some tests on my end, and concluded it's a server issue. Please let me know what's going on, will it be fixed soon?

Thanks for reading.

2021-06-08 12:57

Same treatment where I live, it's never been this bad. Another thing I noticed is somewhat old videos disappearing completely when the servers start malfunctioning, so if I were you I would consider downloading some if you have any of those in your fave list.

2021-06-08 14:48

Yeah, I agree, connection in the UK is shaky, but kinda expected for a niche japanese website. Is sad will hope for improvement.

2021-06-08 17:18

Yes. Same here. I'm from the USA. Slow connection to login and for pages to load. Error 502. Some days its normal speed but mostly slow. Its not my internet provider for sure, its the website.

2021-06-08 21:40

I've gone and started downloading some of my more favorite videos, because I've noticed that sometimes when I check my favorites, there are less videos than I remember there being. Downloading anything in Source quality can take 20+ minutes.

2021-06-09 02:12

yes, it's quite unstable. Sometimes slow, sometimes normal. When it gets slow, every click needs to wait server response like half min to mins, that is totally not useable for a website.

2021-06-09 04:25

It seems to have improved today. Now loading a page takes 5~10 seconds instead of half a minute.

2021-06-09 06:03

3 days ago no more

2021-06-09 15:56


2021-06-09 18:47

same, sometimes id have 502 errors from time to time, seems like it's a server issue because i have checked on sites if it was down for everybody, iwara is down for everyone it seems. hopefully it gets fixed but this is quite frustrating

2021-06-09 19:49

Have had the same problems for months, during daytime 502 Bad Gateway pops up a third or more of the time, and otherwise it taks 3-5 mins to load a page. 10-30 mins to upload a video etc. Very annoying, makes it nearly impossible to be social, unless one can sit between 1 AM to 6 AM, when it is somewhat better ... Did a trace, and it seemed at one time to be a problem after a router located in Copenhagen.

2021-06-09 20:32

This is kinda far-fetched, but I do hope the admins didn't abandon the servers. I dunno where else to go, really.

2021-06-25 15:22

always has been, nerver get a smooth sever since day 1 on these site, not hope it will be faster anyday.

2021-06-25 18:59

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If anyone can afford it, please sponsor Iwara's patreon, maybe 1000$ will make a difference?

2021-06-25 19:29

thumbnails or any picture/videos doesn't show up for me then it shows broken img icon instead
do any of you guys encounter the problem like me as well ?

2021-07-14 20:57

Same, a couple months ago it was only slow at high-traffic times, like the weekends. Now, its slow 24/7. Virtually unusable, constantly.