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#1 2021-09-18 08:10

About users who re-upload content they do not own.

There should be more moderation in terms of users who post videos that are not their property, I think it is disrespectful to the work of many artists, in recent days I have seen users uploading content that does not belong to them, that includes those who upload HMV and those who literally resubmit videos of other users.

This is something that I have normally seen over the years on this site, but I think this year the number of users who do it has increased even more.

A few days ago I saw a user re-upload videos of retired entertainer Drezal (Lilia With Insects) which sucked for me since one of the reasons why Drezal retired in 2018 was because they were stealing his videos.

Leave aside sites like Pornhub or Xvideos, that's already an external issue, but right here on the platform they are doing it and every day it seems to be increasing.

I think my comments are not very relevant being that I'm just a simple consumer of content, but I would hate to see some of my favorite artists withdraw in the future just because some idiot re-upload their work right here.

This is just something I wanted to comment on, as I enjoy this site and the great artists that contribute to make it grow, hopefully the words of a mere mortal will be taken into consideration.

2021-09-18 09:36

I agree.

however if iwara has no way of enforcing this it'll make it hard, and really it'll be up to the community here to police it instead. maybe a comment saying this person is stealing content so others can see, and maybe someone can upload a monthly 'these iwara accounts steal content' a bit like the iwara video awards.

The best HMV makers on iwara include credits on the video, and actually ask permission before hand, like Duskhaven did for a comp of my vids.
its the polite and most professional way to do things, alas, since iwara has not policing of this there will always be the douches that have 0 morals and ruin it...

2021-09-18 11:42

I think to pursuit this people ultimately does alot more harm to the community than the possibly hurt feelings of certain single creators. People should allways get as much freedom as possible, even if it means that some people will do nothing but stealing D; Rules are a dobble edged sword, and honestly i cant even think about anything what they could possibly be good for, but if you enforce them upon the community it will cause a significant amount of people to lose motivation. and thats fuking bad. so just walk away with you woke ideas please.

I would prefere a pirate bay any day over a sterile "fact checking" facebook or youtube enviroment.

2021-09-18 16:15

I've only seen Drezal and Birdway being reuploaded here, granted there are both "dead", and there is no official way to watch their vids, what is your suggestion?

2021-09-19 03:55

Dont watch stolen videos from them and their video count wont increase and same on pornhub and patreon because the thieves get money for their video count.Patreon pays also for stolen videos and models from thieves that charge to unblock content. My 2 Cents O_O

2021-09-19 03:58

Coitus-2-A-Beat, I think your comments were the most accurate, it is true that there are HMV creators who do respect the respective authors, even the user who makes monthly compilations of the best of the page.

But, among those who at least are polite in that aspect, there are others who do not even give them to put the sources.

2021-09-19 03:59

heavensBait; Being frank, I have seen many comments like yours but that depends on who you say them to, although an internet community can be respectful for a long time, it is changing as it grows, and the page continues to grow, realistically you can not always live in harmony unless you apply rules, not to be a dictator, but to maintain that order.

2021-09-19 03:59

Eoibobby, I reiterate, I'm not looking for anything, it's just a comment as it is something I've noticed.

2021-09-19 04:03

DNNinetail, That's just what I do.

2021-09-19 11:51


Let's be very clear. There is NOTHING woke about respecting ones work. So please do NOT insult our intelligence by the attempt of the creation of a false strawman's argument. So let agree to disagree. You want us to respect your decision to not respect the original content creator by not asking permission and not crediting them. We want you to show some respect to the original content creator by, but not limited to, asking permission and crediting them. Now, I will not and cannot speak for anyone but myself. So you go ahead and not put a little more effort in showing respect for one's works. Granted that using one's works is a sign of enjoying their efforts, reaching out to the original content creator is an action that approaches him/her as a person which is a sign of respect. This, I would think, would motivate the original content creator to continue making more content. Thus, encouraging others to do more of the same. No rules, laws, or policies here, Baby. Just the standard "Thanks" and "May I." Enough faith has been lost of the human race. Don't make it worse. -jonas

2021-09-19 11:51

ultimately it comes down to the general question,
having eighter a sterile and neat place that comes with the sacrefice of a great number of restrictions.

Or, a place of great freedom when users are actually able to do upload a much larger range of content.

I suspect the small and insignificant group of people that actually want restrictions are social justice trolls for the most part. I highly doubt that visitors who came here for the contents would like to see any restrictions, at all.

2021-09-19 12:00


I just said...

No rules, laws, or policies here, Baby. Just the standard "Thanks" and "May I."

In this thread alone, this is your second attempt of the creation of a false strawman's argument. We're not stupid here. -jonas

2021-09-19 12:08

cute Duskhaven you team up with "them" against "us" the dirty freedom loving pirates lol. I insult your inteligence any day if you try any further to transform Iwara into some kind of family friendly social media hell. Stay away with your funny ideas, our rules tread is allready to big.

2021-09-19 12:14

also it was actually me who created the biggest credit post, youre just being cruel to enforce this absolute bullshit on me D;


2021-09-19 12:14


I'll be VERY specific here. Can YOU from this point FORWARD utilize the principle of "Thanks" and "May I" to the original content creator before compiling a video? Yes or No. Not referring to any rules, laws, or policies.

And you just succeeded in your third attempt of the creation of a false strawman's argument. You're about to go for a fourth. I called it first. ;-) -jonas

2021-09-19 12:32

I cant remember having such a standard or principle, stop making things up. content that you cant use doesnt exsist in a non comercial space. When you give me money i say, Thanks. when i want to make bussiness with you, i will ask you May I. But other than that i do not feel any kind of resposeability or principle. so pls GET OFF my neck when i actually dont owe you anything.

2021-09-19 12:43


Last time I checked, rules, laws, and policies are established and enforced when there are specific and general abuses. Also last I checked, there were no rules, laws, and policies that dictated me to utilize the principles of "Thanks" and "May I" when asking permission to use one's original creations. So you or anyone else can easily do the same. When I received permission, at the very least it was very encouraging for doing that project while also encouraging me to ask others. These content creators largely as a whole thanked me for asking them first which reasonably can be interpreted as them being encouraged. Some even allowed me to access parts of their Mega and/or Discord that are normally accessible to Patreon supporters only. So if you don't want this site to become more of a wall of rules, laws, and policies, help stop the abuse.

And this has NOTHING to do with money and motivation on my end in creating compilations by approaching them first out of respect. So I was right once again. That was you fourth attempt of the creation of a false strawman's argument. Fifth one maybe...? -jonas

2021-09-19 16:41

Just a note. Technically, anything uploaded to here or any sharing or social media site is then owned by the site. What you mean are the "creators". And I do agree it is rude.

Just a typo I know for most, but a huge difference in legality in most every country, especially the western and the "western Asians" Japan and Korea.

Best advice is to post lower defs here of 1080 and below to get seen and offer super high def for fans on Petreon or your own site where you maintain full ownership. This works particularly well as those with credit cards and money to burn generally also have big screen TVs. Think like the apps. Charge for premium. Simple.

Its what I'd do and beats whining about it. You will never ever change the world, so make the best of it.

2021-09-19 19:42

Barkester, I had not noticed from that point of view, I think your comment is the most sensible regarding this issue, I mean, I do not support this kind of actions, yes, iwara is a site of erotic content for wanker subjects, but so what? It does not mean that you should belittle the art of each author, if you like it so much, support it and do not just steal.

I think doing this doesn't compare to those who just take content, edit and say it's theirs, after all the animator's effort will never compare to an edited work, always the original is better, so yes, I think if you want to enjoy something better is to visit the original author, after all that's where you find then videos with better quality.

2021-09-19 19:47

Although yes, many artists here are not looking to generate money, they are just looking to show their art and that's fine, but I think that if you do that the minimum is to say thank you and not just appropriate as many do.

It is true that there are many HMV authors who give credit, but it is also true that there are authors who did not ask to appear in their compilations with music, and that must be taken into account, the most common problem of any external forum to stupidities similar to Facebook, Youtube or Twitch is that you just give a suggestion of something you do not like and already everything you are branded as facist.

And then they say that this is having a harmonious community, LMAO, the only thing they don't like is to have something new imposed on them, but as I said above, sometimes it is necessary in communities that are growing a lot, but at the end of the day that is not my business, I am not the owner of the community.

2021-09-20 18:32

also barkester it is not entirely true. Iware does own only a copy of videos, and only copies with reduced quality are uploaded and redistributed to iwara. As a matter of facts usually the creator own original files with better audio quality and higher bitrates. Even if a creator wants to upload the original he would have to reduce the quality by 50% to fit the limit of 300 mb. so basicly iwara owns nothing, especially non of those videos of good quality. Also files have meta data that contains the original computer name or adress, so its not like a filesharing website actually owns files.